Vinnie "The Shark"
Name: Vincent Starkey
Alias(es): Vinnie "The Shark"
Affiliation: Gotham Organized Crime
Rank: Gang Boss
Portrayed by: Greg Berger
Only Appearance: A Bullet for Bullock
Appears in: 1 Episode

Vincent "the Shark" Starkey was a Gotham drug dealer.


Starkey ran a drug lab in South Gotham until a Vice team led by Harvey Bullock busted him. He got ten to twenty years in Stonegate, but was paroled for good behavior after eight years. He went straight back to the business.

Coinciding with his release was a series of threats to Bullock. Batman and Bullock brought down Starkey's new operations, a production line of crystal meth in Bayside. However, during questioning it became obvious Starkey was not behind the death threats.