This is general information about production inconsistences, mistakes and external references related to the episode Two-Face Part I from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

  • Grace Lamont, Harvey Dent's fiancee, is played by Murphy Cross, who also played a lady friend of Richard Moll's character, Bull Shannon, on the TV series Night Court.
  • On the Volume One DVD Set, this is the first two-part episode, found on the second disc. It is also the tenth episode, making it the first with two digits.
  • The scene where Dent first sees his new appearance in the hospital was intended to be similar to the scene in the live-action film Batman where gangster Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) first sees his new appearance as the Joker.


  • In the scene where Dent lies in the hospital, his hair, neckline, and hand are clearly undamaged and unscarred. However, when Grace faints after seeing him for the first time as Two-Face, his hair is discolored and his neck is scarred. In the following episode, Two-Face Part II, his hand is also scarred.

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