This is background information and production notes of the episode Two-Face Part I, from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production NotesEdit

  • The writers of the show felt that, wiht this episode, the series took an adult turn.
  • This episode is the first two-parter episode in the show and it also is the 10th episode in production sequence, making it the first episode in double digits.

Voice ActingEdit

  • This episode is memorable because two of the main actors perform on two different voices each. Kevin Conroy perfoms on his usual Batman and Bruce Wayne voices, while Richard Moll uses one voice for Harvey Dent and a diiferent voice for Big Bad Harv/Two-Face.
  • One of the thugs part of Thorne's gang was voiced by Robert Costanzo, but it wasn't listed in the credits.
  • Murphy Cross, who voiced Grace Lamont was at the time, married to Matt Landers, who voiced Frankie, making this the first episode to feature a real life couple in the voice acting.


"Two-Face Pat I" has been released several times as part of the following Home video sets:

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