An abridged timeline of events in Batman: The Animated Series

14th CenturyEdit

17th CenturyEdit


  • Gotham City is founded by European settlers in North America.

19th CenturyEdit


  • Jonah Hex foils the scheme of Ra's al Ghul and Arkady Duvall to attack the Transcontinental Railroad and Washington D.C..


20th CenturyEdit






  • Acting on advice from Hamilton Hill, Temple Fugate breaks his usual routine which causes him to be late to a court hearing and the ruling goes against him, ruining his business and causing him to become the Clock King.


  • After many years overseas, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City. He meets and gets engaged to Andrea Beaumont, daughter of Carl Beaumont. Around the same time, Bruce, still haunted by his parents' deaths, begins crimefighting. At first, he attempts to do it dressed in common clothes, but then realises that he must strike fear into the heart of his enemies and dons cape and cowl to become Batman.
  • Batman's first Batmobile breaks down and he hires Earl Cooper, a former auto executive, to build him a brand new Batmobile.
  • Dick Grayson is placed into Bruce Wayne's ward after his parents are killed by Tony Zucco.