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Batman: The Animated Series was a success and after the first 60 episodes of the first season, the Fox network executives ordered a second season of 20 more episodes. The second season featured a different animation style from the first season, where the graphics and movements where simplified in order to appeal to a younger audience. This season also featured Robin more prominently and following the line of changes for the season, the series was rebranded as The Adventures of Batman & Robin.

The intro for the season was also changed from the classic one, to one that was composed by a series of scenes from previous episodes featuring Batman and Robin. The intro's main theme, composed by Danny Elfman, which was used during the entire first season, was changed to a score composed by Shirley Walker, in order to match the new animated intro.

Episode List Edit

Following is a list of episodes from The Adventures of Batman and Robin sorted by air date.

Episode Air Date Production Order
"House & Garden" May 2, 1994 70
"Sideshow" May 3, 1994 66
"Avatar" May 9, 1994 69
"Trial" May 16, 1994 68
"Harlequinade" May 23, 1994 72
"Bane" September 10, 1994 75
"Second Chance" September 17, 1994 80
"Riddler's Reform" September 24, 1994 79
"Baby-Doll" October 1, 1994 76
"Time Out of Joint" October 8, 1994 73
"Harley's Holiday" October 15, 1994 81
"Make 'Em Laugh" November 5, 1994 83
"Batgirl Returns" November 12, 1994 85
"Lock-Up" November 19, 1994 82
"Deep Freeze" November 26, 1994 84
"The Terrible Trio" September 11, 1995 71
"Showdown" September 12, 1995 78
"Catwalk" September 13, 1995 74
"A Bullet for Bullock" September 14, 1995 67
"The Lion and the Unicorn" September 15, 1995 77


  • The following videogames were developed based on this season of the show.
Videogame Developers Platforms
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Konami Super Nintendo
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Clockwork Tortoise PC/Sega CD
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Clockwork Tortoise Mega Drive/Genesis
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Novotrade Game Gear

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