OB 46 - Talia
Name: Talia
Affiliation: Society of Shadows
Father: Ra's al Ghul
Sibling(s): Arkady Duvall
Portrayed by: Helen Slater
First appearance: Off Balance
Last appearance: Avatar
Appears in: 4 Episodes
Talia Gallery

Talia is the daughter of the legendary warrior, Ra's al Ghul and a loyal member of the Society of Shadows that he leads.


Early LifeEdit

Talia was born to an unknown mother and spent most of her youth traveling the world with her father, Ra's al Ghul, learning of his ideologies and skills that he demanded. She was held in high esteem among all of Ra's al Ghul's children, despite the fact that he considered women to be inherently inferior to men.

Enter BatmanEdit

One day Ra's assigned Talia to locate a former associate of her father's named Count Vertigo who had gone rogue. During her task, Talia first met Batman, beginning the pairs on/off again romance. Together the two stopped Count Vertigo's scheme, but Talia double-crossed Batman following her father's instructions.

Later, Ra's al Ghul appears in person to Batman in the Batcave and informs him that Talia had been kidnapped along with Batman's sidekick Robin. This proved later to be a set up, so that Talia could again meet Batman and hopefully marry him and become Ra's al Ghul's successor, though he refuses. Ra's al Ghul's attempts to "cleanse" the world though the dynamic duo stop him, however, Talia prevents them from arresting him and informs Batman that she too shares her father's views, she only disagrees with his methods. She tells her "beloved" (Batman) that they would meet again.

Talia al Ghul Design


Talia once again meets Batman to aid her in finding her father. Bruce would become more infatuated with Talia. He even admitted that he cared for her. After locating Ra's al Ghul and stopping from his scheming, the two leave one another once more.


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