Steven Carlyle
Name: Steven Carlyle
Affiliation: Gotham University; Arkham Asylum
Children: Chris Carlyle; Kelly Carlyle
Portrayed by: Peter Strauss
Only Appearance: House & Garden
Appears in: 1 Episodes

Steven Carlyle was a psychologist and psychology professor.


Stephen Carlyle was a published psychologist and also taught criminal psychology at Gotham University, and served as the liaison between Arkham Asylum's board of directors and the police department. He is currently divorced and his ex-wife had gotten custody of the children.

Some time later, Poison Ivy used him to get out of Arkham. She trapped him in the greenhouse behind his residence, and "married" a clone of him, as well as creating further clones of his childhood self to serve as her "stepchildren". The real Dr. Carlyle is freed by Batman and Robin. They find him under heavy sedation in Poison Ivy's underground laboratory beneath the greenhouse.

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