Scarface (thug)
POV 21 - Scarface
Alias(es): Scarface
Affiliation: The Boss
Rank: Henchman
Portrayed by: Marcelo Tubert
Only Appearance: P.O.V.
Appears in: 1 Episode
Scarface (thug) Gallery

Scarface was a henchman of The Boss.


At the request of his employer, Scarface led a group of thugs into Gotham Imports. The Boss had information on money being stored there. They were right; the safe stored almost two million dollars. After a short fight with Detective Bullock, Officer Montoya and Batman, Scarface and Driller escaped with the money, and an unconscious Batman to their hideout in Hathcock Shipping Company.

There, they waited for their boss to show up. However, they found they could not contain Batman. He escaped his shackles and quickly dispatched Driller and Scarface. Scarface may have been out, he was not down. While Batman recovered, Scarface pulled a gun on him. Montoya prevented him from firing. She threw him against a container, knocking him unconscious. He was taken into custody with the rest of the gang.

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