Alias(es): Red
Affiliation: Montague Kane
Rank: Henchman
Portrayed by: Bruce Timm
Only Appearance: Zatanna
Appears in: 1 Episode

Red was a henchman who worked for Montague Kane.


He first appeared with Kane aboard his airship, when Kane was leaving Gotham City for somewhere where "the climate is warmer, the people are friendlier, and the extradition treaties are nonexistent". When Batman and Zatanna boarded the airship in midflight, Red, along with another henchman, made multiple attempts to kill them, culminating in a brief fistfight with Batman on the airship's wing. Batman punched Red in the stomach and threw him into the other henchman, knocking both off the ship and into the sea many feet below. It is unknown if they survived.

This article uses material from the Red article at the DCAU Wiki and is licensed under the CC BY-SA License.

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