This is background information and production notes of the episode Pretty Poison, from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production NotesEdit

  • After this episode, Ivy is regularly incarcerated in Arkham Asylum rather than Stonegate.
  • Pamela Isley and Harvey Dent cross paths again in "Almost Got 'Im", after their respective transformations into Poison Ivy and Two-Face. The only thing Two-Face's personalities can agree on is how much they hate Ivy. "We used to date", explains Ivy.

Voice ActingEdit

The following voice actors went uncredited for some of the characters voiced in the episode:

  • Kevin Conroy voiced the waiter Andre.
  • Bob Hastings voiced the Rose Cafe chef.
  • Efrem Zimbalist Jr. voiced the getaway pilot.
  • Melissa Manchester voiced the perfume model and the hospital nurse.
  • Neil Ross voiced the Rose Cafe dishwasher and the hospital doctor.


"Pretty Poison" has been released several times as part of the following Home video sets:

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