Marcia Cates
Name: Marcia Cates
Portrayed by: Loretta Swit
Only Appearance: Mad As A Hatter
Appears in: 1 episode

Marcia Cates was Jervis Tetch's supervisor at Wayne Enterprises.


Doctor Cates was a considerably harsher boss than Bruce Wayne, and by far less appreciative of Tetch. Eager for results, she pressed Tetch's brain enhancing methods for early publication, and blamed Tetch for needing too much time with them. She became very angry with Tetch when he was called to Wayne's office. She again threatened to fire him. But this time, Tetch silenced her with a mind control card. He dressed her up as the Queen of Hearts in his Wonderland gang. Batman eventually freed her and took Tetch (now calling himself "The Mad Hatter") into custody.

This article uses material from the Marcia Cates article at the DCAU Wiki and is licensed under the CC BY-SA License.

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