Alias(es): Manny
Affiliation: The Riddler
Rank: Henchman
Portrayed by: Robert Pastorelli
Only Appearance: Riddler's Reform
Appears in: 1 Episodes

Manny was one of Riddler's henchmen.


Manny and Zowie worked for the Riddler when he struck a business deal with Charles Baxter. While Riddler kept up the façade of a reformed genius, his two thugs executed his plans. They robbed a jewelry store at 10 Leslie Avenue, but Batman and Robin soon found them out. After a harrowing escape on a suspended cradle, they returned to Riddler, but with only a portion of the loot.

Manny was stronger and more impulsive than his friend, but neither proved a match for Batman. When the Dark Knight confronted them at Riddler's apartment, he disposed of them both quite easily. Manny got up after being slammed into a wall, but as he lunged at Batman he was thrown across the room, and landed on top of Zowie.

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