Kelly Carlyle
Name: Kelly Carlyle
Sibling(s): Chris Carlyle
Portrayed by: Christopher Pickering
Only Appearance: House & Garden
Appears in: 1 Episodes

Kelly Carlyle is the daughter of Steven Carlyle with his first wife. After the divorce, the mother got the custody of Kelly and her sister Chris.

When Poison Ivy managed to mind-control Steven, she used his DNA to create replicates of him. The replicates would first be kids and Ivy used some of the children replicates to disguise them as their "sons". During her charade as a reformed criminal wanting to settle down with her new "husband" and "sons", Ivy introduced Chris and his "brother" Kelly to Batman as they noticed the Batmobile outside their house. The fake Chris and Kelly were eager to get a ride with Batman, until Ivy sent them off so the grown-ups could talk.

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