Hamilton Hill
BaC 12.1 - Hamilton Hill
Name: Hamilton Hill
Children: Jordan Hill
Portrayed by: Lloyd Bochner
First appearance: On Leather Wings
Last appearance: Lock-Up
Appears in: 16 Episodes, 1 Film
Hamilton Hill Gallery

Hamilton Hill is a lawyer turned politician who was elected mayor of Gotham City.


Early CarreerEdit

Hamilton Hill started out as as a successful lawyer in private practice eventually owning his own firm. He would later run for public office in Gotham City and was elected as a counciller. He is known to have commuted using the subway train system along side Temple Fugate. He advised Fugate to "relax" and take a break from his rigid schedule. This would cause Fugate to be late to a court hearing and fas found in default. Ironically the prosecutor was from Hill's law firm causing Fugate to blame Hill and seek vengance under the guise of his secret identity: "The Clock King".

Mayor of GothamEdit

One of Hill's first actions was the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary under D.A. Harvey Dent's request, with help of Bruce Wayne and the Wayne Foundation.[1]

During his first years as Mayor, he was hostile to the Dark Knight, even allowing Harvey Bullock to pursue Batman, with his own task force, when Batman had been blamed for pharmacy robberies throughout Gotham City.[2]

Hill caused the Joker's anger by comparing him to Batman and the madman infiltrated Hill's home and planted a dynamite on the garden. After this, Hill's son, Jordan, who was feeling unapreciated, escaped from home on Joker's car. Mayor Hill was crushed by the loss of his son, but by the end of the night, Batman returned Jordan to him and he learned a valuable lesson on priorities.[3]

Hill is often at odds with Commissioner Gordon on civic issues as well. The pair work towards the same common goals but differ in their approaches to them.

TCK 30 - Hill Mock Poster

Clock King's sabotage

Years into Hill's administration, Fugate resurfaced during his re-election campaign. After publicly discrediting and embarrassing Hill, he eventually tried to kill him, but Batman saved his life. This act won Batman Hill's trust and respect.[4]

In his mayoral role, Hill would oversee many civic projects to improve Gotham. He supportedHarvey Dent's proposal of building Stonegate Penitentiary with sponsorship from the Wayne Foundation, as well as the dedication of a new courthouse and improving the public transportation network.

Throughout his career Batman has aided Hill in dire situations, like when he was kidnapped by a former Arkham Asylum employee Lyle Bolton or when he was kidnapped by The Joker and when he was almost "replaced" with a robotic duplicate by H.A.R.D.A.C..


Feature FilmEdit


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