Affiliation: The Penguin
Rank: Henchman
Portrayed by: Walter Olkewicz
First appearance: The Mechanic
Last appearance: Blind as a Bat
Appears in: 2 Episodes

Falcone was one of the Penguin's henchmen who primarily served as muscle.


Falcone was friends with an auto parts distributor, Arnold Rundle, and when Rundle deduced that all of the special parts Earl Cooper was ordering were for the Batmobile, Falcone brought him to see the Penguin.

Later, Falcone helped the Penguin steal the Raven X1-11. He served as the Penguin's muscle on this mission, and fought with Batman inside a smelting factory but was defeated.

This article uses material from the Falcone article at the DCAU Wiki and is licensed under the CC BY-SA License.

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