Dana Blessing
Name: Dana Blessing
Affiliation: Wayne Enterprises
Rank: Secretary
Portrayed by: Vernee Watson-Johnson
Only Appearance: The Worry Men
Appears in: 1 Episode

Dana Blessing worked in Wayne Enterprises as Bruce Wayne's secretary.


When Bruce Wayne fell victim of a device called The Worry Men created by The Mad Hatter, he asked his secretary Dana, to retrieve 20 million dollars from the Wayne Enterprises' bank account. After doing what she was asked, she waited for Bruce to arrive at the office and until then, she talked to someone about the unusual amount of money her boss has retrieved.

When Bruce arrived at the office, he took the money and placed it on the ledge outside the window, as he was told by the Hatter's device. Dana was curious and she asked Bruce about the money, but he didn't seem to know what was she talking about. When one of Hatter's henchmen took the money from the window, Bruce tried to stop the man, but Dana held him from jumping off the building.

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