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Commissioner Gordon
Commissioner Gordon
Name: James Gordon
Alias(es): Jim
The "Commish"
Affiliation: Gotham City Police Department
Rank: Commissioner
Children: Barbara Gordon
Portrayed by: Bob Hastings
First appearance: The Cat and the Claw Part I
Last appearance: Catwalk (cameo)
Appears in: 50 Episodes, 2 Films

Commissioner James Gordon is the head of Gotham City's Police Department. He had only one child, a daughter named Barbara, who would go on to become a vigilante and ally of Batman's: Batgirl. Gordon was also unique amongst most of Gotham City's civic leaders due to his unquestionable trust of Batman, whom  others thought of as nothing more than a masked vigilante.


Gordon was revealed to have already rose to Head of Police when Batman first appeared in Gotham, and was first on the scene at the tragic deaths of John and Mary Grayson. He was inadvertently responsible for putting the young Dick Grayson in Bruce Wayne's custody, fostering the friendship that would become their partnership as Batman and Robin. Professionaly, Gordon commanded enormous respect and loyalty from his officers, including Detective Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, though he often had to contend with Bullock's distrust of Batman. His daughter, Barbara, was also a skilled crime fighter. Although she was later trained by Batman, as Batgirl, on at least one occasion she credited her skills to being Gordon's daughter.

In an innumerable amount of cases, he and Batman shared information and formed a strong friendship. They had mutual respect for each other and Gordon often felt that Gotham would fall apart without Batman, whilst Batman thought that the city needed a man like Gordon watching over it 24/7. Despite their respect for each other, Batman still had an incurable habit of disappearing in the middle of Gordon's sentences, something which the Commissioner found very irritating "one of these days I'm gonna nail his feet to the ground".


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