Cameron Kaiser
Name: Cameron Kaiser
Portrayed by: Harry Hamlin
Only Appearance: Joker's Wild
Appears in: 1 Episode

Cameron Kaiser was a successful Gotham real estate tycoon, before he was bankrupted.


When going over his budget on his latest casino, Camelot, Kaiser was on the brink of bankruptcy and hastily changed the theme and name to that of the Joker, calling it Joker's Wild. As a result, the Joker went on a rampage at the casino with the intent to blow it up, an event which Kaiser foresaw: the destruction of the casino would mean he would at least get away with the insurance money. Batman found out and revealed the information to the Joker. Upon hearing this, Joker opted to take over the casino rather than destroy it, and hijacked the helicopter in which Kaiser made his getaway. After the attempt on his life by the Joker was averted, Kaiser was arrested by the Gotham Police Department for insurance fraud, and putting his employees and guests in danger of being killed by the Joker.


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