Name: Billy
Spouse(s): Alice
Portrayed by: David Haskell
Only Appearance: Mad As A Hatter
Appears in: 1 episode

Billy was Alice's fiancé.


After a big fight, Billy and Alice broke up. This moved Alice to tears, and straight into Jervis Tetch's hands. But Billy returned. He made up with Alice, which threw Tetch into a fit that snapped his mind. Tetch used his mind control cards to make Billy break up with Alice again. He used Billy as Bill the Lizard in his wonderland gang. He was the first to be released from the mind control by Batman. Since all the other members of the Wonderland gang were programmed to attack Batman, Billy could easily remove the hats of the others. Finally, he also removed the hairband that had enthralled Alice.

This article uses material from the Billy article at the DCAU Wiki and is licensed under the CC BY-SA License.

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