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Batman's second Batmobile.

The Batmobile is Batman's personal automobile and primary mode of land transportation. It has been redesigned several times. It also has a passenger seat for an accomplice, usually his sidekick Robin. It is housed inside the Batcave alongside all of Batman's other selection of vehicles.

First BatmobileEdit

Little is known about the first Batmobile. Because of mechanical difficulties, Batman was forced to abandon it and had a more robust vehicle designed and built by Earl Cooper, an out-of-work automobile designer with a reputation as a troublemaker in the industry.

Later BatmobilesEdit


Second Batmobile leaving the Batcave.

Earl Cooper designed and built a new Batmobile (inspired by a vehicle of similar design Bruce saw at the Gotham's World's Fair during a date with Andrea Beaumont) that included such items as a turbine jet, grappling hook, ejection seats, on-board navigation and computer with video uplink, oil slick and caltrops. The next was destroyed by The Penguin. The second was built after Penguin's defeat with several upgrades. This was used until it was destroyed bare handed by Bane. Another was built after this.


Batmobile expo

"The Car of the Future" that inspired Bruce's designs.

The Batmobile's features are:

  • A jet exhaust for faster start; and for high-speed acceleration.[1]
  • Smoke and oil dispensers
  • Wheel slasher hubs
  • A missile rack
  • Ttear gas dispensers
  • Ejection seats
  • Titanium alloy wheels and body panels.
  • Shield Mode
  • Auto-Pilot[2]
  • Computer/TV screen incorporated[2][3]
  • Access to large databases and information[2]
  • A concealing mode that makes the car transform into a large trash container.[4]
  • A screen that induces sleep to anyone who watches it.[4]

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