This is the image gallery of Bruce Wayne/Batman

Concept DesignsEdit

Episodes GalleriesEdit

Episodes 1-10Edit

On Leather Wings

Christmas With the Joker

Nothing to Fear

The Last Laugh

Pretty Poison

The Underdwellers


The Forgotten

Be a Clown

Two-Face Part I

Episodes 11-20Edit

Two-Face Part II

It's Never Too Late

Heart of Ice

The Cat and the Claw Part I

The Cat and the Claw Part I

See No Evil

Beware the Gray Ghost

Feat of Clay Part I

Episodes 21-30Edit

Feat of Clay Part II


Fear of Victory

The Clock King

Appointment in Crime Alley

Dreams in Darkness

Eternal Youth

Perchance to Dream

Episodes 31-40Edit

The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

Robin's Reckoning Part I

Robin's Reckoning Part I

The Laughing Fish

Night of the Ninja

The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne

Heart of Steel Part I

Heart of Steel Part II

Episodes 41-50Edit

Tyger, Tyger

Moon of the Wolf

Day of the Samurai

Terror in the Sky

Almost Got 'Im

Birds of a Feather

What is Reality?

I Am the Night

Off Balance

Episodes 51-65Edit

The Man Who Killed Batman

The Mechanic

Harley and Ivy

Blind as a Bat

The Demon's Quest Part I

The Demon's Quest Part I

Fire from Olympus

The Worry Men

Season 2Edit

Batman: Mask of the PhantasmEdit

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZeroEdit

Other ImagesEdit

Unsorted ImagesEdit

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